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Who we are?

Integration. Automation. Innovation. Collaboration. Interactive. Communication. Optimism. Integrity. Listen and Understand. Words that are part of our daily process in the graphics industry.

More than 10 years serving the market, Compugrafia provides a unique array of solutions that can help customers from different segments of the industry, such as Creative Professionals, Publishers, Brands, Premedias, Packaging and Label to achieve their business ideas and their client’s desires; deploying workflow processes fit to the market’s needs.  Bringing closer users and solution suppliers.

Representing leading technology providers such as DALIM Software, GMG, CHILI Publish, EFI-Metrix, NorthPlains-Xinet, InPress. We proudly serve strategic partners throughout Brazil and Latin America, offering business solutions that include workflow automation, online production management, online approval, interactive file comparison, soft proofing, cross-media publishing, brand management, media asset management.